50th Reunion Photos

Our classmate and photographer par excellance John Center graciously took all of the class photos and many 'offocial' candids at our 50th Class Reunion event.  He has provided them for free downloading.  It will take a few days for this to be ready after the event.  Thanks John!!  (Here is a link to John's professional webpage:  http://www.jjcenterphotography.com/   In addition there is a link to share your own photos.

I.  Link to DOWNLOAD Class Photos (arranged by elementary school(s) attended):  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qwp4l2hwnxdtl0l/AACXJVRI8Nbz138IK054-clTa?dl=0

II.  Link to DOWNLOAD John Center's Candid Photos from the various 50th Reunion events:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l0hp3nwm4yeuyeb/AACvStndzZXa9pT49y_KPy4va

III.  Link to DOWNLOAD Classmate Provided Candids:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dx3sevu34wtnrzw/AADHxVMijBJbJcMz-llzyoSia?dl=0




              CLASS PHOTO Access/Download FAQ

                            By John Center

  • Log on to our class website and on the left side of the homepage you will find “50th Reunion Photos.”  Click on the item and it will take you to the page from which you can link to my Dropbox account.
  • There will be three links:
    • I.  Link to DOWNLOAD Class Photos (Arranged by Grade School).
    • II.  Link to DOWNLOAD John Center’s Reunion Candids.
    • III.  Link to DOWNLOAD Classmate Provided Candids.
  • Click on any of the links and you will have access to that folder and can download and save any/all photos.
    • To copy and save, just click on the photos you want and it will open.  Then just right click on the photo and select “Save picture as”.
    • You can then decide where on your computer you want to save them.
  • We will upload photos you want to submit into the folder “Classmate Provided Candids” then all can see and share them. If you wish to contribute email your photos to:
  • Should you have any problems or need assistance please email me (John) with a telephone number I can reach you at.  We can try to work on the issue by email but it will be faster if we can talk.
    • You can also contact me by logging on to my website:  http://www.jjcenterphotography.com/ and selecting the “contact” heading at the top of the page and completing the form.  Be sure to insert your email in the “Email” box.
    • While on my site, try cruising around under the other headings to see some of my work.  I am also available for hire.
  • Please be patient, as getting everything reviewed, fine-tuned and uploaded will take some time.  I will try my best to have everything available within a couple of weeks. 



P.S. Other of my photos are available for purchase. If interested contact me. I am spending the winter in Greece and will be shooting extensively, you will be able to follow me through my website or on Facebook.


This Page Will Ultimately Include Photos of Previous DHS '66 Reunions as they are located and scanned!

5th Reunion Class Photo:

45th Reunion Class Photo: